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Why choose Banco Modal?

Open Offshore Bank Account Online with Banco Modal

Making the move to a new bank is an important decision. The bank you choose should provide exceptional products and services that will make your banking experience easy and fun. When you make the transition to the Banco Modal, you will witness why Bryant Bank is the community bank that Cayman have come to love.

Banco Modal provides Unbeatable Service and Legendary Results.

Here are a few specific reasons why you should bank with us:

1. We are in the best jurisdiction protected by the laws on banking secrecy.

2. Our team is staffed by people of different nationalities that allows us to meet the most sophisticated needs of customers from all over the world.

3. Opening the account is online. The personal presence of the client in our office is not required.

4. Opening an account only takes 5 business days.

5. We will work with any amounts on incoming and outgoing bank transfers.

6. Outgoing bank transfer is done in express mode - 1 business day.

7. We are a little bureaucratic when opening an account while getting incoming bank transfers and sending outgoing bank transfers.

8. Our bank is young and we are doing our best to staff our package of customers while giving you the best banking service.

9. To open a corporate bank account we receive company registered anywhere in the world.

10. We preserve privacy of our customers sacredly. We work for you.

11. Social capital of the Bank at December 2018 was $ 750 mln. All deposits in current and deposit accounts are insured by the official contract between Banco Modal and the Financial Insurance of Cayman Islands up to $ 750 000. Each customer is insured up to 750 000 usd.

A Personalized Banking Experience

In Banco Modal, we focus on you. You will never have to worry about being 'just another number in the system.' When you're a family member Bryant Bank, our bankers Bryant will work to understand who you are, where you want to go and how we can help you get there. We're big believers to develop relationships with our customers and we value the friendships we make along the way.

Our Banking Experts Are Accessible

We believe that a healthy line of communication is the key to a successful banking relationship. In addition to banking online or by phone, Banco Modal clients have direct access to their Banco Modal. We want our customers to feel welcome, and we invite you to call us or visit if you have any questions or concerns. Bryant bankers have many years of experience. They managed small personal accounts all the way up to large corporate clients. All Banco Modal agree that the customer comes first.

Community Bank Customer Service. Big Bank Products.

In addition to our unbeatable customer service, Banco Modal also provides products with state-of-the-art banking that our customers say are superior. We are constantly looking for ways to make your banking experience more convenient, efficient and pleasant.

Our Online Banking is simple and allows customers to view your accounts, transfer money and pay bills. Our Mobile Banking Apps (available for iPhone ® and Android smartphones') are perfect for those who need to manage their money in travel or are looking for directions to the nearest branch or ATM. For businesses, we provide Treasury Management Services, including Remote Deposit Box that allows you to make deposits without stepping out of your office.

We are based right here in Kalimajaro

Why Banco Modal operates only in Kalimajaro, your deposits help to provide growth for your very own community!

The banking industry has changed in many ways over the last few years. However, one thing is certain ... Banco Modal and will be consistent and reliable source for all your banking needs.

Customer Focused Business Lending Solutions

Achieve business success requires motivation, careful planning and research, and a solid partnership. Banco Modal are team leaders and strong advocates of helping businesses grow.

Banco Modal loan offers customized programs to meet the financial needs of your business. Having a customized loan program allows us the ability to tailor a loan facility that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Whether you're starting a business, building a new office, the purchase of new equipment or need a line of credit, you'll need a group of talented bankers work together to help you achieve your goals and provide support in every step of the way.

Banking with Banco Modal is different

We know that every customer is different from the next and at a different stage of life, with different goals and priorities. And we think different is good.

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Bank with confidence - 11 million customers trust us to serve their financial needs.

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