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Visa Debit Card

Exclusive Unlimited Credit Card

And Noaw ... Cash ATM Card Is Just For You!

We were able to deliver an extremely limited number of these awesome cards MasterCard ATM / Debit Cards for our customers.

Daily spending limit by POS

      - Eur 25,000

Accepted anywhere.

Quick and Easy Visa Debit card payments and purchases everyday. Your money spent is automatically out of your account

Convenient way not to use ATM

E 'safe and easy. You do not have to write checks and keep cash


Visa is accepted at millions of markets all over the World

There is no way to go back to the past, just easy cash carry

Safe and guaranteed way of shopping. You don 'was to carry large amounts of cash

Check your purchase. Everything is listed in its declaration

Easy way to get cash worldwide at ATMs

24/7 control of your money by using Internet Banking or by phone

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Emergency change

FREE travel insurance

Verified by Visa

Protecting your PIN

Do not tell anyone your PIN. Let them come to you

If someone asks, never write your PIN down

Be careful when using an ATM endpoint or sale. Aware of anyone trying to watch you enter your PIN. Do not be scammed

If you suspect that your PIN has become known to anyone, please contact us immediately to change the PIN

Take care of your Visa Debit Card

Handle with care first Visa Debit card. Do not bend, scratch or leave the paper with the metal and / or magnetic objects. This may damage the card

Please report immediately to the official Banco Modal if any cards are stolen or lost

We assume no fee or charge for the release of the Banco Modal Visa Debit Card. Replacement card will cost some money

Try to keep your Visa debit card with you for a convenient 24-hour access to your account

At the request of any customer of our bank credit card can be done without a name, number and logo signs. That is only the color of the background paper remains absolutely saved. All data license will be notified via e-mail cryptic.

Anonymous Credit Card fees and charges:

All credit cards and debit cards have no annual limit on a charge and withdraw via an ATM.
Daily limit to withdraw funds through an ATM in the world is $ 4,000.
Each of our clients can have 4 credit cards or debit cards.
Charging a debit card is through Home Banking for any amount, taking into account the availability of funds in the account.

Service description
Fee in USD $
ATM Withdrawal fee   
$ 3.0   
ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History fee   
$ 0.5   
ATM Transaction Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Online & POS Transaction fee   
$ 1.0   
Online & POS Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Monthly Administrative fee   
$ 3.5   
Card Load fee   
$ 15   
Card to Card Transfer fee   
$ 2.0