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Exclusive Unlimited Credit Card

Offered for USD or EUR denominated MasterCard is for you!

We were able to make our source emits a very small number of these amazing cards MasterCard ATM / debit for our customers.

POS daily spending limit

      - Eur 25,000

This card is the best type of payment - whether to pay the full balance is to make a minimum payment per month. With an easy way to access credit for capital, it is given the opportunity to buy supplies and services and to pay the bills relating to business work.

Visa Business Card is the perfect way to make winning business.


It is easy and convenient to make payments simple and cost effective to manage your cash flow, Visa Business Card makes sure that the company's staff can focus on other activities xcommerciali

Greater financial control: Visa Business credit card helps companies verify the charges incurred. Such documentation is useful in order to decrease the cash. Visa Business Card provides for a payment of at least 10% per month. Customers can pay the minimum payment or pay the full amount each month based on the rules of application choice all'apertrura Account

Simple accounting: employees are able to distinguish their personal expenses from those d 'Affairs. A great benefit in the tax return

Increased safety: the owners are happy because business expenses expenses are guaranteed!

Quick access to cash: at any ATM you can have cash advances, credit card Visa Business provides a fast and easy access to cash at more than 1 million ABM Visa / PLUS Global Network

Asccettata is in every part of the world, Visa Business credit card is accepted at over 24 million merchant locations. available worldwide rental companies and hotels, making sure that the employee may choose from the cheapest supplier.


You can view the online business credit card

You can pay by credit card online

24/7 Availability - Visa International Service Center

Cash Replacement card / Emergency

Report lost / stolen card

Travel Assistance Services - worldwide

250, $ 000 - Travel Accident Insurance

Car Insurance - USA and Canada

Access alerts to Visa. You can have the business management and marketing consulting for your company for free

What is Visa Virtual Advisor?

Visa International was created specifically for customers and the business visa was created to support them in managing their own affairs.

Many promotions, trade discounts and online workshops with topics such as:

Learn how to improve your business

Caominciare your business

Marketing Your Business

Management of corporate finances