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Pacific Reserve Business Banking Unlimited Chequing Account

Expense Managings -- monthly service fee

Earning Maximizeds -- added operating funds can be cleared down to interest-bearing account

Anytime Banking -- FREE 24/7 access to accounts via Internet Banking for tracking account balances, transfer funds and much more

Bank statments reconcile - made easy via cheque replica writing system and bank statement cheque numbers recording

Reoccuring payments automation -- pre-authorised payments arranged to cover reoccuring commitments

Deleted need to carry cash -- 24/7 account access to accounts via our Instant Teller network, other financial institutions and merchant locations available

Account Features

Balances & Fees

Minimum scheduled to open this account digit

The service fee is charged monthly and is the last business day of the month

It is encouraged to go to the local office for details regarding the minimum quantity and the monthly service fee

Additional Features

Unlimited check:

The first 250 pages do not provide control is applied to the standard, non-customized versions

There will be custom controls with different styles and designs; They are provided printing costs

Reviews are carried out by sequential numbering magnetically encoded (MICR)

It is provided by a government stamp duty

Block the payment service available for a small fee

of night deposit bags based on availability

There is the chance to make the transfer of funds into account in the Pacific Reserve Interests Business Banking

Free payment of bills by Internet Banking. For some operations (such as transfers) can be applied to split expenses

And available FREE statement thanks to the Internet Banking service

It's FREE mini-statement on the last 10 given by our instant Tellers transactions

It may be required to pay for email statements

Payment can be sent free to customers who do not have access to Internet Banking

24/7 Automated Telephone Banking

Banco Modal account can be activated on an account that is the subject of an agreement and that it meets the eligibility criteria

Customers can not ask the controls when funds are not taken into account

You can provide for the payment of bills, performing loans and the transfer of funds to other banks in a stable manner

Special Conditions

Free banking in Banco Modal tellers snapshot is only possible for activities that meet the following requirements:

Sole Trader / holder

Holder of the single merchant account

To make transactions on the account is required to sign a petitioner in the case of a corporate account with multiple signers. Charge is applied to withdrawals and requests for information from ATMs non-Banco Modal

Banco Modal Tellers have 24/7 access to cash withdrawals, mini-statements, transfers and other transactions using the Bank Finance Paper

Product features is different by location. Please contact your local branch for further details.