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Treasury and Capital Markets

The best in global investment choices from around the world

Banco Modal is a premier provider of value added Treasury services. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, our experienced dealers working from our Central Dealing room in Dubai,provide continuous coverage of global markets to our clients. The traditional areas of foreign exchange, interest rate products, global futures and domestic and international equities are supplemented by more customized multi-currency hedging, yield enhancing strategies and specialized investment management services. Using state-of-the-art communications links we give our clients fast, efficient service.

Margin Desk

Margin trading on foreign exchange and precious metals

The Currency and Precious Metal Trading account from Banco Modal is designed for investors who want to participate in the foreign currency and metals market. By opening the account, investor can trade Over The Counter (OTC) in all the major currency pairs, gold and silver round the clock.

The account provides upto 20 times leverage on the invested amount i.e. if an investor deposits USD 50,000 he/she can initiate a trade upto USD 1,000,000. Our team of specialists is available round the clock to update you at anytime of market movements on your instructions or to execute your orders. The account can be opened with USD 25,000 or equivalent.

Over the counter trading in all major currency pairs, gold and silver, round the clock.

International Equity Brokerage

Our International Equity Brokerage account caters to investors who want to invest in the global equity markets to diversify their holdings across markets. The account offers investors to purchase securities on cash basis. The account is suitable for active investors who are looking for quick, efficient execution at competitive commission.

Corporate Foreign Exchange Services

Coverage of interest rates and FX markets..

Banco Modal provides round-the-clock coverage of foreign exchange and interest rate markets as well as market commentary and research, to meet the trading and hedging needs of our customers.

Our key benefits include:

Focus on Relationships

Our services go beyond trade execution to investing time in each client relationship in an effort to understand their business better and tailor a comprehensive strategy suited to their business requirements.

Market Commentary

We provide our clients with general economic and forex market commentaries to help keep them informed about news and events affecting the foreign exchange market.

Customized Derivative Solutions

Our clients have access to a wide selection of non-deliverable forwards, simple, and exotic options. The product can be customized to the needs of the client and structured to suit an individual client's specific exposures, market views, and tolerance for risk.

Available products include

Fx Spot Trading: Spot deals involve the buying and selling of currencies with settlement in two trading days.

Fx Fixed Forward: Involves the buying and selling of currencies with settlement at a future date at a rate fixed today.

Fx Flexible Forward: Involves the buying and selling of currencies with settlement within a future time frame at a rate fixed today.

Fx Currency Options: Contract between two parties giving the owner the right to buy or sell a currency at a specific price within a specified time period.

Fx Swaps: Contracts involving the exchange of principal and interest in one currency for principal and interest in another currency.

Precious Metals (Gold and Silver)

Base Metals

Domestic Equities with Banco Modal Securities

A full brokerage service for Cayman equities.

Banco Modal offers a range of comprehensive brokerage services with Banco Modal Securities. Established in 2000, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco Modal, Banco Modal Securities is licensed to trade in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi stock markets.

With a dedicated team of professionals, committed to helping you meet your investment needs, Banco Modal Securities is the right choice for the quality conscious investor. We are committed to following market best practices, delivering seamless service with timely and cost effective execution and clearing for Cayman markets.

Key Product Features include

No minimum account size

Competitive pricing structure with smooth settlement

Daily market commentary which includes a macro-overview of all Cayman stocks

Online Access

We offer online access to our comprehensive market database and market index, to allow you to track your investments.

Customer Focus

At Banco Modal Securities, we are committed to improving the way in which we deliver our services to our customers. We believe in keeping the customer informed of the latest market developments. With Banco Modal Securities you will always have access to up to date reports with all the latest market information, including a daily market commentary with a macro-overview of all Cayman stocks.

Keeping the needs of our customers in view, we have also established a dedicated call center to address our clients enquiries and general troubleshooting.


Around the clock coverage and execution.

The future's trading service from Banco Modal offers clients 24 hour coverage and execution of exchange traded futures in precious metals, currencies, commodities, interest rate products, stock indices etc. Our coverage includes instruments traded on CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX etc in the US and LME in the UK.

The service also offers clients the ability to trade listed options on futures contracts. Futures trading is suitable for active self directed investors who are looking for quick, efficient execution and competitive commission structure. The account can be opened with USD 25,000 or equivalent.

Key product features include

Minimum Account Size : US$ 25,000

Wide coverage of products and markets

Competitive commission structure

Ability to structure hedging strategies

An experienced team

Our experienced and expert team has links with representatives in major future exchanges around the world, giving you a wide coverage of products and markets, along with a competitive commission structure and the chance to structure hedging strategies.