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Retirement – RRSPs

(offered only in Barbados & Saint Lucia.)

Take charge of your age

Your economic situation in 10, 20 or 30 years? You will have enough money to maintain the lifestyle you have today? Rather than pensions that can catch you off guard, it is good to start thinking about the future right now. You agree that Banco Modal will help in this. It can control its own future with our Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).

Banco Modal is a partner / special savings plan investments, which helps to protect and increase wealth for the future, thanks to the benefits of saving and accumulating wealth for the future, using the benefits obtained with the money of the investment plan. When the plan is registered in Barbados and Saint Lucia Inland Revenue Services, you can also use the tax savings TODAY on savings, you are given your future partner. Your partner may also be considered a tax-free financing

for his first home. You can earn, how to get your nest egg, even once you are retired.

Your partners is ideal for beginners and experienced investors:
Banco Modal

Imagine that begin investing can scare a little road '. It may generate a bit 'of confusion, mainly for those approaches to investment for the first time, in having to consider investing on shares of long-term deposits, deposits, mutual funds.

Banco Modal helps you to invest money easily. You can divide the plan of investments in different types of investments to go to form the so-called investment portfolio.

Applying for your RRSP is quick and EASY

Come to the Trustee. It 'a unit or Banco Modals. Confront our cones officers at your disposal

You can start with a small initial deposit partners

It will require a valid photo ID (eg identity card, passport), and also a certain proof of a current address