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Premium Savings

For our customers, Trinidad and Tobago with a higher savings capacity, looking for more benefits that exceed those provided by a regular savings account.

(The account can be opened either in dollars or dollar TT)

Fees & Balances

Minimum opening balance: $ 3,000.00 (USD or TTD)

Interest Earning minimum balance - $ 15,000 (TTD) or $ 1,000 (USD)

These accounts have no initial charge


Calculation of the minimum and the payment budget

Calculated daily and paid monthly. It is considered the last day of the month of the month (the Government applies the withholding tax to the interest if appropriate)


You can connect to your Visa debit account

Banco Modal Tellers and instant Internet Banking in 24/7

the charging functions performed at instant Tellers bank loans are FREE

The annual statements are FREE

The funds are kept safe for loans