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Platinum Chequing

Platinum as a chequing account you become part of that group of customers, who want the best and the best are entitled.

Qualified customers, who will benefit to:

Simplified fund managements

Best indicators

Free and cheaper services

Fees & Balances

Expressed in local currency amount is $ 10,000 for the opening of an account and earn interest chequing Platinum

No cost monthly service

The fee for deposits and withdrawals

Absence of a checkbook

The stamp duty is due to any control by the government in compliance with local laws


Interest is considered a daily basis if your account balance is greater than or equal to a minimum

Each month to pay the interest and compound

The government uses the tax that is applied, if it considers that it is appropriate

Structure Rolled-up rate, which allows a higher yield, as the balance


Banco Modal to make a debit card or Free Visa Platinum Card

Your Visa debit warm Platinum allows one access to our special files selected branches Courier

Free access to Teller and POS terminals instant bank loan, through which you can withdraw cash, make deposits; check their operations; transfer money between their own accounts; print the mini-statement of your account and make shopping

Bill with Internet banking is free and international electronic payments

FREE Mobile Banking

Negotiations for the overdraft

Is sent, the address indicated by the buyer, the monthly communication that can also be preserved


The total deposit balances at least local currency equivalent of US $100,000 ($200,000 BAH) OR

Local currency equivalent of a mortgage of at least US $350,000 ($250,000, $400,000 JAM BAH)

If you are interested in this specific account, come and talk to one our qualification criteria account managers