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Personal Privacy and Bank Secrecy

Rules to ensure the protection of customer privacy Banco Modal A / S Cayman (the Bank) listed below give a description of the principles observed in the collection, storage, use and disclose customer data. To "customer data" means all data that the customer has informed the Bank, and are treated as banking secrecy. These data include information on the status of the customer's property; his / her personal data; transaction information, procedures and business activities; commercial or professional secrets; information on ownership or business relations. The Bank collects, stores, uses and discloses only the customer data with the customer's consent and in accordance with legal procedures.

Data Collection

In data collection by the Customer borders bank itself to the minimum amount of data required for the high level of service.

With the aim of providing a higher level to its customers, the Company may require the customer to provide some additional information about himself / herself (for example, marital status, profession, work, etc.).

The Bank maintains customer data as a complete collection of data, updates them, checking the personal data of the client once a year. The customer has the right to know himself / herself with and change his / her personal data (communicated to the Bank) in all branches of the Bank, as well as through electronic channels.

In the collection of customer data via electronic channels the bank is required to ensure that the data is transmitted to the Bank in a safe manner.

Keeping and Data Protection

Under the Credit Institutions Act and in accordance with the general conditions of the Bank Bank maintains and protects all data that customers provided the bank and who are treated as banking secrecy.

The customer's personal data are accessible only to employees of the Bank who need the information to perform their duties.

The employees of the Bank who have access to customer data are required to maintain banking secrecy known to them under the rules of procedure of the Bank. It 'important to note that banking secrecy must be maintained for an unlimited period.

The Bank has an obligation to ensure that technical equipment used for the preservation and protection of customer data corresponds to contemporary standards and safety requirements.

Use of data

The Bank uses the personal data of the customer for the provision of banking services and for sending promotional material to its customers that according to the Bank's estimates may be of interest to them. However, the customer has the right to opt out of receiving such promotional materials, presentation of a specific application to the Bank.

Transmission in all promotional materials from third parties (the Bank's partners) to its customers, the Bank does not disclose the personal information of its customers to third parties.