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Personal Overdraft Facility of Banco Modal


$ 5,000 for overdrafts typically assigned

Overdrafts are measured on the amount of the monthly net salary of the customer and are paid once a month

And 'it provided an annual fee for each bank account

If an account is in any month, the interest is paid by the customer at the normal rate, days of overdraft fees that have been really benefited, or at least every month, and depending on which is the greater cash found

Each deposit made by the client automatically is added to the outstanding overdraft. In case of use of instant Teller by customers who do not have sufficient funds in the account, the funds automatically will be included in the withdrawal limit mechanism discovered to account

If the customer exceeds that found the customer will pay interest


Check is OK, up to the limit established, despite the customer has forgotten to check the account balance

You can avoid such control thanks to "NSF" (not sufficient funds)

To avoid the customer's credit record by check "NSF"

To overcome this, the transfer of money from a savings account to make up for the temporary lack of liquidity