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Banco Modal Mortgage Accounts

Home Ownership Simply Makes Good Sense

We hope that we can simply pay and little, with payments that decrease the long run nl

We offer up to a 95% loan with mortgage insurance payments on almost all territories. The time for repayment amounts to 35 years

The time for repayment of the loan is equal to 35 years

Documentation Required:

The documentation for the application:

ID card or passport for identification

Each drawing of Community law for ensuring the accuracy of the address of residence

A written communication from your employer and your latest payslip

Copies of your bank statements (in the case of new clients)

The sales contract: In case you want to buy a property. It would also request a letter from the party selling the property

A plan of the building and the budget for the construction provided with approval. It would be appropriate that the budget foresaw the construction plan and the cost sharing scheme

The estimate of the property: you must submit this document to buy or build a house