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Internet Banking

YYou can manage your bank account, at any time and in any place thanks to Pacific Internet Banking Reserve!

Monitor your finances not having the trouble of having to leave your office!

Key Benefits

Safe and Secure - only official internet banking of your company that gives the opportunity to manage who has access to your accounts and other privileges to run

Comodo - unlimited access via any internet connection to each of your Banco Modal accounts. It has the ability to manage business finances by simply clicking on the mouse!

Multiple user access - Gives the administrator the option to allow access of the users according to the limit of the transaction and to other conditions, which may be provided by the company policy

Reliable - each operation with Intenet Banking is given a unique reference number. This ensures that transaction records are immediately available should you have the need to search for them in your business account

Important Features

You can see the business transaction and online business credit card

You can pay your credit card and online businesses

You can view the balances of your Banco Modal accounts including chequing, savings, term loans and deposits in every state

You can trace the transactions made on your accounts and to easily save up to six months

Transfer funds between chequing and savings accounts Banco Modal, provided that the corresponding currency and are in the same state

It invites you to shoot transaction information (and economic) to the accounts of your company or to download them using the financial software

Order checkbooks checks

You can ask to stop payment of a check