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Instant Tellers

Instant Teller Services - 24 Hrs Guaranteed Service

You can use our immediate Tellers / Service Manager to:

withdraw money

make deposits

transfer funds

Execute a request on behalf

Having a cash advance from your credit card account

Order a mini-report

Reapply for a checkbook

Orttenere a new PIN for your credit card

You can use your credit card or Banco Modal. card. Please, login to your account the credit card and personal accounts Figures 1-6 Banco Modal, including: current and savings accounts, joint accounts (if only one signature to make withdrawals) and personal loan lines is required. There will be additional costs of the fall in the use of Non-Banco Modal ATM. To see the list of Tellers snapshots go to our Locations page.

Barbados and Jamaica, you can use any machine where you view or logos CarIFS MultiLink accordingly.

You can get a cash advance from your credit card account at Banco Modal on any bank with VISA / Mastercard.

Instant Teller Tips

A minimum of $ 10.00 you can pick through instant touchscreen Banco Modal Teller

an upper limit is stipulated for amounts to be invested

A day is a 24-hour period from the night vigil

A day of work in a period of weeks is the regular Friday evening to Monday evening

The holidays are considered as part of the next business day

Deposits made at the instant tellers are not available for two working days

Safety Tips

It invites, never lock your card or disclose your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone, including family members, friends, and even people who claim to be bank employees

It invites you to protect your PIN. And 'your electronic signature. It invites us to remember and do not write

When choosing your PIN, do not use discounted words and do not use your name, the 'address or phone number, date of birth, etc.

Do not lose sight of your credit card when performing a transaction. effect transactions in which they feel safer

When doing any operation, please use the PIN to protect your hand or body

Currency, foreign cash and foreign checks must be received at the moment Teller

The Bank Teller instant Cayman Islands International touchscreen does not give coins

After making a transaction, not tailing take the credit card, if applicable

If there are problems or you want to ask questions, they shall be placed any official of Banco Modal

If you experience an emergency situation, it invites to use the phone the instant Teller lobby that connects directly to our security company