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Home Suite

Home Suite Bundle Standard Chartered account provides you everything you need to get the perfect home. Thanks to additional features buy the house of desires will be an activity more enjoyable..


Higher loan amounts

Do not miss the opportunity to borrow up to 18 million USD. Home / owner first home, it is possible to borrow up to '80% of the real estate market value for the citizens of Lebanon, and up to 75% for expatriates. For the second home / investment, loans come to 65% for the citizens of Lebanon, and up to 60% for expatriates.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive variable interest rates that will be the sum of Standard Chartered Base lending rate (SCBLR *) / Standard Chartered Mortgage (SCBMR) plus the margin. SCBLR reflects the cost of domestic bank financing and changes according to market conditions.

Fast Processing

You can enjoy our special process that speeds up and simplifies the documentation practices.

Affordable tenures

Take advantage of the possessions flexible repayment on your home loan up to 25 years.


The 12-month
for mortgages is 1.2%
Rate updated on: December 12, 2014


The Bundle Standard Chartered Bank Account Home Suite provides everything you need to have the perfect home:

* The credit card or personal / Finance loan may be proposed in particular to cover costs related to home loan / financing based on actual costs.

Home Suite Solutions

We offer a large variety of Home Suite products in order to satisfy your needs:

Balance Transfer

If you already have a home loan with another financial institution, and if you wanted to reduce the monthly payments, it is possible to transfer the loan to us.

equity Release

If you buy a house payment is made in cash, we can release the funds blocked in your home.


Before you start with the search of the property, we shall provide you a pre-approval to be able to make choices taking into account the real possibilities.

Property Finance

You can avail finance on properties from our extensive list of approved developments built in Beirut and Abu Dhabi.


If the value of your property is greater than the current outstanding finance against it, we are able to enjoy the additional funds you need.

Shariah-compliant Islamic Home Finance Option

Based on Ijarah methodology, our 'rent to own' product was approved by the independent Shariah Supervisory Committee.

So, if you want to transfer your existing mortgage with us or if you want to take to buy another property, our team of experts will ensure the personalized service that is right for you and follow you at any stage of the proceedings - from the time of delivery of the preliminary documentation at the time of the act of receipt of title.

 Do it now to get some facts advantages especially for you.

 Terms and conditions apply

 All loans are granted at the discretion of the sun Standard Chartered Bank

Additional Features

Home Suite is equipped with additional features to make your experience of buying a house even more enriching. So all you have to do is focus on configuring your dream home.

Global expertise

Our representatives Home Loan draw on global experience to give good advice and international standards of service.

Simplify Everyday Banking

Enjoy a Chartered standard current account with no minimum balance accompanied by debit card Free, Online Banking, Online Bill Payment, Breeze Mobile Banking, SMS transaction alerts and eStatements.

Benefit Priority Banking Services *

Enjoy the use of:

A Priority Banking account with no minimum balance

A dedicated Relationship Manager

Discount special tax on banking routine

Free cash withdrawal limit and high with your debit card Platinum

* Based on qualification criteria

Protect Your Wealth

To ensure fairness you place in your home, our life and property insurance offerings will provide financial security in unforeseen circumstances.