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Financial Plan

The organization of this section to the opportunity both to you and your company to determine how to organize your financial structure to ensure that you meet your Corpora consensus. It invites you to attach a copy of the budget, if it is possible. If not possible, we invite you to complete the following models. Are present at the beginning of each model, the instructions to fill it out correctly.

Balance Sheet

The budget is a ' "picture" of your financial activities. This shows the assets, liabilities, and the amount of equity invested in your business affairs. Through the news you learn from your budget, together with your account manager you can apply the appropriate flag to measure the financial health of your business

Download Balance Sheet

Income Statement

To measure the success of your business, you must know the way in which the business expenses weigh on your income. Putting in place a guess on these financial elements, you can understand how your business can be profitable.

Download Income Statement

Cash Flow Forecast

The forecast cash flow is one of the main features of your business planning. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate costs and income stream so you can build your business strategy, adapting it to the correct models. Although, this forecast is possible that one of the most hard-working materials to be produced so as to make it necessary to rely on the support of the accountant.

At the end of the forecast cash flow, we invite you to do so that it is feasible. It would be appropriate to consider the receipts and expenditures wherever possible.

Download CashFlow Forecast

Personal Financial Statement

Your personal finances are important elements for the success of your business. By filling in the personal financial statement, to make a clear statement of your personal net worth. Your equity may be helpful in pinpointing what the financial security staff can provide business financing, or if you can contribute to your business personal property. Your personal balance sheet also shows examples of your annual spending - a sort of "mini-budget". This allows you to check if your business meets your personal needs enough.

Please prepare a personal budget for each separate owner of the business.

Download Personal Financial Statement

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