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Merchant Services

Banco Modal can act as intermediary as an agent for those employers who have to deal with services related to payroll. The salary payments will be credited to employees' accounts at other banks or Banco Modal.

Key Benefits

You can take care of the employees' wages cumulatively

You can proceed without the need to physically present or quote or payroll

Decrease the use of paper

Save the control duty and tax stamps

It will be guaranteed the salary secrecy

Swift reconciliation of bank statements

Employees can make personal withdrawals by simply calling the assigned operators

You can provide for extensions of the book pays extensions

Important Features

Safety - Any item is encrypted to ensure total security for the news

Convenience - E-Pay users have the ability to send a single file from the office to make payments to accounts of beneficiaries in each Banker

Cost savings - with the service E-Pay, the administration costs are lowered and the transaction related to the payment through checks, coupons and circulars ATM

Benefits Time - E-Pay allows a payment process and payroll management quicker

Characteristics of the product changes in the relationship of location / country. You are invited to contact the local office for more information.