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Banco Modal Direct Banking Account

Fees & Balances

This service offers, not including any amount mesnile * Bank through our agents, Advanced Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and Trading Point of Service

We are not obliged to ensure a balance in their account

Is there a minimum amount - to open such an account, please contact your local branch of their country for more news about

* In-branch / local transactions are not included and will provide for a transaction fee


You can have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to their account thanks to our operators who can call and there will be also the availability of ATMs of other financial institutions and places where the sale of ATM switching services (and CarIFS Multilink)

You can pay bills online through our Internet Banking or our phone bank

Transfer funds between your accounts with our capable call center operators, internet banking or telephone banking

You can make payments prior authorization from your account

You can predict the crediting of salaries into their account through our payroll services