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Credit Cards

Your bank credit card to Cayman International gives you the ability to have easy credit. You can make purchases but now make payments at a later time. Choose the card that meets your expectations Platinum, Gold or Visa Classic.

Exclusive Unlimited Credit Card

Cash ATM is made especially for you!

For the first time was proposed by USD or EUR denominated MasterCard and is for you!

Our gnome is able to convince our source to emit a very small number of these amazing cards cards MasterCard ATM / debit for our customers.

POS daily spending limit

      - Eur 25,000

Emirates Airways Visa Platinum

British Airways Executive Club is for the exclusive people!

It recorded 7,000 bonus Avios

You can get 2 Avios for every dollar used for British Airways and 1 Avios for each dollar used for various purchases

You can get points for travel FREE, hotel accommodation and car hire

You can have more news on our British Airways Visa Business Card

Banco Modal Visa Platinum

Elite Rewards Visa automatic registration program

5,000 Bonus Rewards Visa hotspot

You earn 1 point for every dollar purchase with Visa Platinum card

Just get more points with any purchase airfare when you want ...

Banco Modal Visa Gold

Only Visa Gold can provide benefits

The travel accident insurance covers up to $ 250,000

Emergency Card Replacement is available as well as Cash Advance Services ...

Banco Modal Visa Classic

Taking cheap credit card is very convenient

We propose additional cards for family members

There is assistance Travel Service

UWI Visa Credit Card

UWI Visa credit card is the University of the West Indies (UWI) graduates, students, staff, faculty,

lower fees and lower interest rates

Contribute to the University to pay anything. financial donation is received by UWI for every purchase with the card

Simpson Motors Visa

All net purchases of retail sales are 2% cash back for you

This tab is only available to customers in Barbados and personal Simpson Motors

Banco Modal Visa credit card - When you have all of its benefits

Each customer can get their own bank credit card without the need to communicate the name, number and logo. This is just the color of the background to the card remains absolutely saved. Each value of the license will be provided via encrypted email.

Anonymous Credit Card fees and charges:

It is not provided for an annual limit of charging or withdrawal through ATMs for each credit card and the debt.
There is a daily limit withdrawals via ATMs all over the world of $ 4,000.
Each customer can get up to 4 credit cards or debit cards.
The credit card can be recharged via Home Banking for each digit, considering the availability of funds in the account.

Service description
Fee in USD $
ATM Withdrawal fee   
$ 3.0   
ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History fee   
$ 0.5   
ATM Transaction Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Online & POS Transaction fee   
$ 1.0   
Online & POS Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Monthly Administrative fee   
$ 3.5   
Card Load fee   
$ 15   
Card to Card Transfer fee   
$ 2.0