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Credit Cards

Banco Modal Visa will give you the opportunity to easily access the working capital provided, the benefit of purchasing goods, the aid to pay for corporate accounts. Represent the best partner to meet your ambitions trade. Your bank Finance Visa credit card is a way so that you can so easily get credit for capital, the purchase of raw materials and the ability of labor services and pay bills of your business. This is the right solution for your business.

The best: Our Unlimited Credit Card

Personal ATM Cash Card

Offered in the first time USD or EUR denominated MasterCard is for you!

Our elf managed to convince our source to emit a very small number of these amazing cards MasterCard ATM / debit for our customers.

POS daily spending limit

      - Eur 25,000

British Airways Visa Business

Our revenue for every $ 1 spent on purchases and 2 will Avios Avios for every $ 1 spent on British Airways acquired!

To travel by car accidents will be free l 'Auto Services

It will have access to virtually Visa Advisor

Visa Business

To travel by car accidents will be free l 'Auto Services

LDI is accepted by a million shops and online sites worldwide

It will have access to virtually Visa Advisor

Bizline™ Visa Business

Automatic enrollment in Finance loyalty Rewards Bank project

SiE 'You get one bonus point for each US dollar (or local equivalent) for purchases made with the card, up to a maximum of $ 500,000 for each year

Redeem points and enjoy the benefits of the wide variety of binuses!

The question of having our card may be submitted by anyone without the need to provide the name, number or logo. This is just the color of the background to the card remains absolutely saved. All license information will be communicated by e-mail encryption.

Anonymous Credit Card charge and fees:

There will be no maximum amount of recharge and withdrawal at an ATM for any credit card or debit.
The maximum amount you can withdraw in one day from the bottom via an ATM anywhere in the world amounted to $ 4,000.
Each client can own up to 4 credit cards or debit cards.
You can recharge any amount of the debit card through the 'Home Banking, considering the availability of money in the account.

Service description
Fee in USD $
ATM Withdrawal fee   
$ 3.0   
ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History fee   
$ 0.5   
ATM Transaction Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Online & POS Transaction fee   
$ 1.0   
Online & POS Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Monthly Administrative fee   
$ 3.5   
Card Load fee   
$ 15   
Card to Card Transfer fee   
$ 2.0