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You can choose whether you want a car or a boat and satisfy your desire

You can choose to visit the part of the country than originally thought they would ever see

Organized a cheerful party with the family

You can support the expenses for education

Afford to pay the amount necessary to health care

You can deal with other expenses of personal nature


The least of which require? Only a low deposit - can actually only reach 10%. is no limitation on the amount of roof for a loan if you are unable to honor payments

We create a plan on your budget - we work together with you to find the best way to make payments that meets your budget as much as possible.

We use our budget planner to calculate the amount you can borrow

Once it has obtained the approval of the loan, it settled on the day of the month in which you have the option to make payment. Can an automatic withdrawal payment from your account for easier operation.

The interest rates payable depend on those of the current market so when they fall, you get a discount on payment.

The interest rate is estimated daily balance of your loan degrading costs by minimizing


a time is allowed to perform a refund - loans are available up to a maximum of five years *

also they are granted longer terms - to buy land are granted loans of up to 15 years

*A long time are available and apply the terms of the loan you may be revised. It has the option to charge certain amounts. The loan can only be granted to those who have turned 18 years

Required Documents

They must be presented the paper 'identity or passport

You have to show your bill of accommodation- phone expenses, of 'water of' electricity or similar - to confirm the address of residence

A letter from your employer or a written confirmation of final salary

Copies of the last account statements (if the loan is granted for the first time)