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Commercial Mortgage

This service offers a variety of new funding possibilities to meet any of financing required. Reject private capital in your property - for example, through the renewal of the permit or updating your status.

Key Benefits


They take into account the company's cash flows during the payment program

Equity release permissible

1-15 years of available funding

unlimited funds are available

You may pay advances for to meet your cash flow now

Important Features

You can get money for loans up to an amount equal to 65% of the price of the property or the estimated purchase price considering the lower of the 2

You can decide any amount and any duration (for a maximum of 15 years)

regular repayments with cash flow

Interest Rate Structure - the floating rate is linked to a base rate / raw

You can re-evaluate the situation in goni now thanks to floating rate

Benefits from the first tariff cuts

Product have different connotations in different countries. To know more details please get in touch with your local office.