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The secret to making successful investments is to have a well-divided and administered and then rebalance the portfolio periodically.

It fails to perform this action alone - the proper way is to mix and going to form a portfolio of corporate funds, review them periodically, and rebalancing - the other option is to get support from an investment manager to choose between those in our portfolio.

Beirut wallet Banco Modal International Bank International Bank offer all the features and benefits sophisticaed with portfolio management, making it easy reporting, operation and management of your portfolio. Axiom allows you to gain advantages from the division by asset class, by region, by type of investment and market capitalization. Axiom provides access to information and the ability of independent asset managers obtained from the whole world.

Review Statement 2013

Full Model Axiom request

Review Beirut International Portfolio Axiom Bank and Banco Modal PCF Funds PERFORMANCE Summary - June 30 2013

Diversification in Multiple Levels

Our portfolios are divided by asset class, geographic area, type of investment and market capitalization.

Management of Professional Portfolio

Our portfolios ensure that investors can obtain information and advice ensured by the world professional managers.

Built-in Rebalancing

Our portfolios are rebalanced to avoid overexposure or underexposure to any asset class portfolios to get the highest return potential, managing to remain within a specified risk tolerance.