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Merchant Services

Bank loans Merchant Services offers the convenience of having the receipt of credit and debit cards.

It is offered the most advanced technology to process the benefit of the transaction according to your requests.


Key Benefits

Different payment techniques are provided for the customer that improve the possibilities for sale.

The following cash flow the business day and account purchases credit cards Your business'

It reduces security risks and related expenses in cash on the spot

Guarantees speed of transactions and customer service skills

It develops electronic transactions in a reliable and secure environment

It lowers the amount of bank visits as possible


POS terminals to accept single minimum at high speed credit card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and local and international debit cards

Guarantees that are promoted on-line processing solutions and merchant e-commerce

Possibility of processing in different currencies

24 / 7R customer service. The technical assistance of a team of after-sales service competent and trustworthy

The appropriate personal transformation transfers to various business operations

The peculiarities of the products depend on the position. For more news about it invites you to contact the local office.