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Cash Management

Companies today find themselves in an increasingly competitive local, regional and global marketplace. Businesses have to focus on staying profitable while managing heightened credit risk and narrowing margins. Keeping in view the challenges of our business environment, Banco Modal has developed a range of Cash Management products and solutions that accelerate inflows, maximize liquidity, reduce credit risks, automate payments and strengthen reconciliation. At Banco Modal, our products and services are value added and offer end to end solutions that optimize cash flows and reduce operating costs.

Safe Cash

Banking cash is a time consuming and resource intesnsive activitiy that has to be managed by companies on a day to day basis. Banco ModalSafecash has been designed to match the business requirements of corporate customers and allows them to entrust this key need to a bank managed service. Companies can select from a range of value added features offered by the service. All cash collected is credited to the company's concentration account for easy utilization of funds.

Money movement that you can count on

Key Features

Counted cash pickup and delivery

Uncounted cash pickup and delivery

Cash cheque pickup and order fulfillment

Cash denomination exchange and coin delivery


Flexibile cash pickup and delivery timings

Lower risk as cash is not held overnight

Specialized web based reports to strengthen management controls

Enhanced employee productivity through outsourcing of this critical function

Value Plus

The value plus current account has been specially designed for customers that have limited borrowing needs. You have the flexibility to select the balance linked package that best suits your business. The current account comes with a host of value added features, which are designed to lower your operating costs and streamline day to day banking activities.

Key Features

Online access to your accounts

Reduced in branch costs

Cost effective transactional banking using the internet

Other cash management services on demand


Flexible pricing

Value added features

Efficient account management

Personalized relationship management

Collect Plus

Banco Modal Collectplus provides corporate customers faster access to their funds. Specially designed processes and systems enable your customers to directly deposit the funds into your bank account. Important deposit details are captured by the bank and made available to the company in the form of a data download, facilitating automatic reconciliation of the account. The enriched data is also used to provide management with customized web based reports allowing them to make informed and timely business decisions.

Key Features

Quicker collection of funds

Multiple payment channels

Service available in all emirates

Concentration account

Enriched web based reports

Automatic reconciliation


Greater data control

Enhanced productivity

Elimination of redundant back office processes

Better control of your funds

E-Collect Plus

This unique and user-friendly bill settlement platform is designed for both B2B and C2B web based, business models.

Why use E-Collect Plus?

E-Collect Plus lets you monitor any ingoing or outgoing cash flow, and allows you to transfer money instantly online.

This simplifies your entire bill settlement process, and enables you to control the company’s full bill payment operation.

All it takes is a slight customisation to your company’s webpage, and the addition of a specially created payment page, complete with company logo.

This bill settlement platform instantly improves your risk management, especially if you have a large customer base that can be difficult to manage.

Additional benefits

E-collect Plus is the perfect bill settlement solution for B2B and B2C payments. Cayman customers of Banco Modal can now get the software by applying online (see 'How do I get E-Collect Plus' below). And there are even more benefits too:

Online payment option available to view and action

Real time receipt of funds, and money tracking software

Automated reconciliation

Pick the data entry field of your choice

Any creditors on your account will have to supply the necessary information in order to settle their accounts. With E-collect Plus, funds are transferable instantly between Banco Modal customers.


Any funds transferred online will arrive in your account in real time – improving your cash flow and letting your customers pay at their convenience.

E-collect Plus also offers:

Online debit advice to payer

Online credit advice to company

Allows you to offer a superior service to your customers

It allows the transfer of funds quickly and easily between you and your customers, and provides you with hassle-free payments.

By allowing you to pay bills electronically, it removes any scope for error and makes your bill paying much more efficient:

Paperless receivables, which is more eco-friendly

Immediate transfer – no more waiting 48 – 72 hours for the banks

Real time feature means you always know what funds are in your account, at any time.

How do I get E-Collect Plus?

Click 'apply now'

Fill out your company details via the online form (you can calculate your eligibility too)

Finalise your application

Once approved, we'll host your receivable file on our secure server, and the development of a customised webpage, tailored to your company's needs. This will include your company logo.

You'll receive full support at all times. And your website will be equipped with the complete E-Collect Plus system within 24 hours.

Bulk Cash Deposits made easy and on the go!

We’re delighted to announce that Banco Modal ’s new Bulk Cash Deposit option is now available at all our branches, through our Bulk Cash and Cheque Machines (BCCDM’s).

This means, you can head to any one of our 40 Banco Modal branches near you and use any of our 95 BCCDMs to deposit bulk cash, 24/7 across the Cayman .

A first-of-its kind banking innovation designed to efficiently accommodate your corporate needs.


Deposit large sums of cash


Capturing customer reference to ease up reconciliation


24-hour convenience

Multiple Branches

Open across multiple branches around Cayman



Direct Debit

The Cayman Central Bank brings you a simple, secure and fully automated system that helps regularise recurring payment transactions for mortgage cheques, loan EMIs, credit card bills, etc. With Direct Debit, the banking consumers will be able to make regular, automatic payments from their bank accounts towards fixed mortgages, credit card payments and personal loans - reducing paperwork hassles and processing time, significantly.


Benefits of Direct Debit

Facilitates both responsible lending and spending – allowing customers to focus more holistically on planning their personal finances

Enabling banks to further control their lending profiles which will lead to a more stronger yet prudent economy

Eliminating post-dated cheques allows for greater efficiency and security

Allows automatic hassle-free payments, especially for customers who have several loan facilities with a bank

Sets a precedent for greater personal planning


You can now electronically deposit your cheques and have them cleared faster with the new online Banco ModalCHEQUE–SCAN feature on FinanceMATRIX.

Get the convenience of cheque scan at your door step.

How this works:

Log on to Banco ModalMATRIX

Scan your cheque using a specialised cheque scanning device

Upload the scanned cheque with the necessary details

View the cheque status online

It’s that simple!

This new feature will help you optimise your cash flows and provide you with real time access to cheque status reports.

Foreign Currency

Banco Modal delivers foreign currency straight to your doorstep

Banco Modal introduces all major currency delivery at your door step. We do this quickly, reliably, and at highly competitive rates.

Please contact your relationship manager for details on how your business can benefit from this new service.

Order your Foreign Currency today.

Payroll Protect

Payroll Protect is a worldwide insurance that provides coverage against accidental death or permanent total disabilities to your employees.

Insurance of 6 times monthly salary or AED 50,000 - whichever is lower*

Payroll must be processed through Banco ModalMATRIX

No documentation is required


Banco Modal is now offering the convenience of on-site cash and cheques deposits from the comfort of your premises. This exciting innovation comes as Banco ModalMonster (Bulk Cash and Cheque Deposit Machine) – a concept which Banco Modal has pioneered in our region, in partnership with our service provider.

Banco ModalMONSTER is a secure cash and cheques deposit terminal which can be installed at your premises. The cash and cheques are collected by our service provider at your preferred timings and deposited at Banco Modal.

Get the convenience of bulk cash deposit at your door step


Your organisation can take advantage of the following benefits when using Banco Modal MONSTER:

Secure - Minimized cash handling / transit

Efficient - Cash and Cheques can be deposited 24 / 7 at your premises

Transparent - Robust reconciliation offering greater visibility to your cash flows

Economical - Reduction of delivery and insurance costs