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Business Plan

This is a solution when you consider the market, the product, competing parties, your goals and the means by which it intends to achieve these results.

Market Analysis

Consider the scenario, which works: customers, market forces diche your company is facing, suppliers, competitors and the market trand. Detect the strengths and areas of weakness than the competition and consider the possibilities


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Company valutation

Create the company with features that reflect the demands of the customer? Analyze your products and distribution channels and distribution. Understand the reasons why customers prefer your company compared to others. Uniting the strengths and weaknesses with the opportunities. What ambitions might bring forth the activities of competitors? What to do to seize the opportunities and take the challenges chest?

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Objectives, strategies and action plans

You have to measure the effects of trade purposes by indicators to be measured. Be specific. The plan, when and how you can measure our fruits (business growth, improve financial accounts, increased market share, higher service levels, improve the delivery options, etc.) How will you get the results we have set ourselves? What tactics you can use? Techniques used to put these tactics into practice? Or is the effect on your company, for example, changes in characteristics, transaction or financing organization?

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Banco Modal Small Business Resource Centre is a simplified tool that provides general information and reflects only the information that you order. The Bank Small Business Resource Beirut International qualification Centre is not a loan. As a result, the Beirut International Bank is responsible for the results, not because of anything they could do to rely on the result. Subject to the specific instructions on your commercial or financial activities or cash flows can consult with the Small Business Specialist.