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Corporate Business Accounts


Simple daily banking

Most flexible


It 'easy, via the control mechanism and duplicate check numbers on the statement, the Reconciliation Statement

At the request can be suspended the payment of allowances

You can prepare pre-authorized payments

Through the provision of cash management services to get maximum interest on your funds, you can sweep the funds to an account.

It is free on a monthly statement, being able to receive copies by paying a nominal amount

For an additional fee you can get the statements more frequently than monthly.

Important details

If the account is handled with different currencies, it should be paid a sum equivalent to $ 125 to open

They may be indicated by the customer up to 99 signatories to the account.

Can be specified by the customer the number of signatories in relation to each side of the account management.

There will be charged a penalty for those accounts will be closed in the first 90 days

For account maintenance expenses are provided: government stamp (if applicable) and a monthly amount of service whose charge is scheduled the last business day of the month

Non-interest bearing account

Through a previous agreement may provide for a credit account

It is possible to provide custom controls in various ways; for prints may be charged

Any command is magnetically (MICR) encoded by sequential numbering

You can pick up the statements, sent to the address given in the registration, the local headquarters.

You can expect a standing order to your account for payment of utility bills, loans and transfers to other accounts

It has the option to block a payment after the payment of an amount

You can make regular transfers to sweep / self appointed to the accounts

They must comply with local regulations Foreign Exchange accounts held in other currencies