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Visa Bizline Business Credit Card

Exclusive credit card without limit

This ATM Cash Card is for you!

For the first time proposed USD or EUR denominated MasterCard is for you!

Our gnome was able to persuade our source to allow the issue to our clients, with amazing cards, cards MasterCard ATM / debit

Daily spending limit POS

      - Eur 25,000

Bizline ™ Visa Business credit card is dedicated only to the Lebanese society to allow to carry out business in quicker, easier and more useful.
This allows you to keep costs under control, facilitate the management of cash transactions and expand the credit line obtaining the availability of more flexible repayment options. Even better, you can get major awards for the company with each dollar invested.


Automatic registration in Banco Modal Loyalty Rewards Program is provided by bizline ™: Visa Business Credit Card

One award point for every US dollar (or local equivalent) for purchases made with the card, for a total to spend up to $ 500,000

One point for every two dollars (or local equivalent) for purchases made with the card, for a total to spend up to $ 500,000

Opportunity to shop in local stores and get points during special promotions

Get points to have access to a great selection of prizes:

Airline tickets to places all over the world, hotel reservations and other prizes related to holiday travel

Cash for your credit card (to be paid twice a year)

Gift cards for computers, office tools, gifts, books and many purchases at online stores

You can win an unlimited number of points. Ask a new bizline ™: Visa Business credit card before April 30, 2014 and you will receive 5,000 bonus points awards


No limit benefits: loyalty points for purchases made by card holders accumulate automatically. In addition, you can buy items for corporate awards, including plane tickets and travel offers, goods, materials and cash back. The prizes that you can get have no limits.

Greater financial control: the credit card companies Visa Business Bizline ™ ensures the best cost control and cash flows. There is an amount to be paid for a minimum monthly fee of 10% of the balance.

Accounting easier: the card account can add an unlimited number of employees. From time to time it is possible to safely take into account individual and group relationships. Personal expenses and business can be easily distinguished from the employees themselves. This possibility appears to be an advantage standards for the purpose of the tax return.

Enhanced security: to honor the demands of work must not have cash.

Quick access to cash: credit card bizline ™ Visa allows access to fast cash, easy and affordable around the world over 1 million ABM global network Visa / PLUS

The acceptance around the world: The bizline ™ Visa Business credit card is accepted by more than 24 million players and commercials, car rental, hotels worldwide. This card is the choice of millions of companies and for the best service providers


24/7 credit card online activities

Online payments by credit card

24/7 Visa International Service Center

Cash Replacement card / Emergency

Registration lost / stolen card

Customer services worldwide travel

Up to $ 250,000 travel insurance against accidents

Auto insurance in USA & Canada

Access to Visa Virtual Advisor, to get free advice on your business administration and marketing

Visa "and" PLUS "are registered trademarks of Visa International Service Association." Bizline "is a trademark of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, used by Banco Modal International Bank under license.