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Credit card: simple application and activation

The savings required or chequing account, will be received in a free and automatic from Cayman Islands International Bank Charter Bank.


24/7 cash withdrawals, deposits in account transfers, account balances updated at all times Teller Banco Modal. (If available, for example, using Multi Link CARIFS in Jamaica and Barbados, withdrawals and balance inquiries can be made at ATMs of other banks.)

Other Services:

You can use your card in order to get quick instructions instructions, to pay for goods and services, call for verification of the books, cChange the PIN code, and even pay bills

To decrease the randomness, which is usually associated with walk-cash, all you need is a product that replaces cash and checks

Payments are satisfied for many of the service providers; using POS terminals at hundreds STORES

The credit card has no expiration date

There is no charge for the use of paper-the funds are taken from your account


For who is a holder of joint accounts is still emitted a personal credit card

You can connect up to 8 accounts on the same credit card, you can be connected 8 Accounts of a credit card, which you can access at any time by an employee of the financial Banco Modal

The 4-digit code will be your identification number or PIN that will be created solely by you for safety reasons

The credit cards that are stolen, damaged or lost are canceled as a result of ommunication by the customer. It will then generate a new card

Beware of your credit card

You must take care of your bank cards of Cayman Islands International.
Do not bend, scratch or allow the paper to the metal and / or magnets, these incorrect behaviors likely to ruin the paper

You need to communicate to an employee of the Banco Modal, as soon as the cards that have been lost or have been stolen

The issuance of the first Cayman Islands International Charter Bank is free. We will analyze the situation regarding the lost or stolen card

It is good to ensure access to the paper for 24 hours to your account as a matter of comfort and serenity

Anonymous fees and expenses of the credit card:

There are annual limits to recharge the card and withdraw by ATM.
The limit in the 24 hours of withdrawal money via ATMs around the world is $ 4,000.
Each customer while 'owning up to 4 credit cards or debit cards.
Charging a credit card is via Home Banking for each digit, considering the availability of money in the account.

Service description
Fee in USD $
ATM Withdrawal fee   
$ 3.0   
ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History fee   
$ 0.5   
ATM Transaction Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Online & POS Transaction fee   
$ 1.0   
Online & POS Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Monthly Administrative fee   
$ 3.5   
Card Load fee   
$ 15   
Card to Card Transfer fee   
$ 2.0