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Credit Cards

Your bank Finance Credit Card Visa allows simple access to work with the capital credit, pay bills and commercial supplies of materials and services. This is your business partner to ensure your business the way.

Exclusive No limits Credit Card

This Cash ATM Card Is For You!

For the first time proposed USD or EUR denominated MasterCard is for you!

Our gnome is able to convince our source to emit a very small number of these amazing cards, MasterCard ATM / debit cards for our customers.

POS daily spending limit

      - Eur 25,000

Visa Business

Your can decide whether to pay the minimum of 10% or pay it all every month

You access the cash around the world in more than 1 million ATMs

You access the Virtual Visa in the field of business management and marketing consultant

Bizline™ Visa Business

Banco Modal Rewards loyalty program automatic recording

1 reward point for every dollar States (or local equivalent) for each purchase made with the card, up to $ 500,000 total cost per year

Attain points and rejoice in your choice of reward

The request by the customer of our bank credit card can be submitted without a name, number and logo. The only thing that remains in the memory is the color of the background to the card .. All license information will be communicated by e-mail encrypted.

Fees and charges of our Anonymous Credit Cards:

No credit and debit card has no annual limit on charging and withdrawal through ATMs
The daily maximum withdrawal funds via ATMs in the world is $ 4,000.
Each customer can possess 4 credit cards or debit cards.
Charging a debit card is made by Home Banking for any amount, considering the availability in the account.

Service description
Fee in USD $
ATM Withdrawal fee   
$ 3.0   
ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History fee   
$ 0.5   
ATM Transaction Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Online & POS Transaction fee   
$ 1.0   
Online & POS Decline fee   
$ 0.5   
Monthly Administrative fee   
$ 3.5   
Card Load fee   
$ 15   
Card to Card Transfer fee   
$ 2.0